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HW4: Pt1

In analyzing the data we collected, the hope was to find some factor that effected the amount of time that students spent sitting down.  We preprocessed  our data by eliminating the questions pertaining to college athletics entirely.  This included the questions asking whether or not the participant competed in sports, and what sport it was if they had answered yes.  We attempted to predict what effected the amount of time students on leisure activities while sitting down.  In our data (and the expanded dataset) this statistic included time spent watching T.V. and video games.  Because our project was focused less on athletes and more on college students as a whole, we chose to eliminate the classifiers relating to sports.  The results of the trees showed that the people who spent the most time on T.V and video games also lived a more sedentary lifestyle overall.

Although the accuracy for the first tree was only 30%, when additional data was added it increased to 37%.  This shows that with a larger sample size our findings could have been more definitive.  =


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